About The Heritage

The Heritage is the premier dining and social establishment on McLean Avenue.

Heritage was first opened in 1991, and has been known on McLean Avenue for being the original destination for catching all the major world sports events that were not normally on American cable television. Eugene and Eileen, known for the famous Eileen’s Country Kitchen (know rebranded as Eileen’s), acquired the Heritage in 2007 and made it not only a renowned sports bar, but also a high quality family restaurant, serving the highest quality food at a very reasonable price. The Heritage & Eileen’s have long been renovated to be a very cozy and comfortable atmosphere to have a meal with your friends and family. The interior of the restaurant is so renowned, that it is frequently selected as a set for various movies and TV shows including the HBO mini-series Show Me a Hero, featuring the actor Oscar Isaac. Aside from being a place fit for film, many professional athletes, politicians, and other local celebrities choose the Heritage as their first choice bar & restaurant.

The Heritage & Eileen’s have spaces available for you to host your special occasions, including but not limited to The Speakeasy and all of Eileen’s. We offer very competitive prices in all of our spaces, with access to the same quality food, open bars, and there are TV’s available in every room for watching events & presentations. Co-owner Eileen herself takes a lot of pride in making sure your event is forever memorable, and will take all of your ideas and feedback into consideration.

The Heritage hosts various events and performance every week, with a darts league on Tuesday, Trivia Night on Thursdays, live performers on Friday and Saturday nights, and the weekly Traditional Irish Seisiún on Sunday evenings.

Find your second home at the Heritage & Eileen’s and we’ll treat you like family.

Yonkers - McLean Heights / Woodlawn

960 McLean Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10704, USA

+1 (914) 776-7532


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We're known for our Irish/Irish-American food, but people also really enjoy our pastas, tacos, and even some Asian dishes. We also serve vegan friendly options if you ask your server.